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  • Haunted
  • Published Around 9 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This photo was taken at Sam Davis House in Smyrna, TN. I was driving around town looking for some good places to stop and take photos, but since this was my first time in Smyrna I had no idea where I was going. So around 7:30am I saw a sign with Sam Davis Memorial House, and I went there, parked, and started taking photos. Just a few minutes later, a lady honks the horn at me from her minivan and asks me (quite scared) if she can help me. She was working there and was very surprised to see anybody there that early, long before the park opened. Although she was nice about it, she had already called the police, which showed up in a few minutes, kindly asking me to leave :). However, I still had time to take a few photos, and this is one of them

See the original here: ../large&extra/haunted.jpg.

I am not sure which I prefer better - the original or the edited version. Please let me know your opinions.


  • Cred ca varianta editata merge mai bine.
    E buna compozitia.Arata bine a decay.

    chris chisu - visit Website
  • Titus - just found your website and your images are spectacular. I like the edited version of this image better than the original. The orange hue of the clay between the wood seems more realistic with it toned down as it is in the edited version. Love your work.
    Jason Aldridge - visit Website