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Bubbles Baby
  • Bubbles Baby
  • Published Around 8 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This is another photo of Sonia, somewhat similar to this one (which I just re-edited). The Sonia you see in today's post is much closer to the real one :). You parents know what I'm talking about (yes, she is at that very spastic age of two and a half).

In terms of post-processing, I tried to have a clean, somewhat bleached look, that didn't steal from the spontaneity of the moment. Take a look at the original version here. Lots of small adjustments, little blurs, color tweaking, etc.

EXIF data is as follows: 1/60, f/5, 70mm, SB-800 bounced in the ceiling at +1/3 EV, D300, 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5, auto WB.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Titus

  • it's a lovely shot. I was trying to get something similar with my two-and-half year old, but she isn't so fond of putting her head in the water like this. But well done.
    Jim (365,000 words) - visit Website
  • Just amazing detail and unique framing. Post processing is spot on.
    mannedspace - visit Website
  • The picture shows how much fun you and she had by taking the picture (I hope :D ).
    And the post-processing is as always the dot on the "i"

    Vincenz - visit Website
  • vai ce scumpa ii !
    puchi - visit Website
  • The baby face is too white, let's say is ok, but how this would look if the lips color was more intense?
    Mihai Albu - visit Website
  • Fabulous shot, the high key look is really nice. Congrats !
    Marc - visit Website
  • wow, what a soft and great picture. what a faboulus idea to take such a picture :)
    Ylloh - visit Website
  • Great Image...Titus... so good to see your visual IQ is growing leaps and bounds, wonderful image of your precious little one...
    Jigga G - visit Website
  • I just found your photoblog and it is already "saved in my favourites."

    I really like the post-processing in this shot, how you made it "retro" in a way and kept it true to the feeling and emotion of the picture.

    What I also really enjoy is the fantastic framing - original, exciting and you cannot help but smile at your daughter.

    All in all, I will be following you with much joy!
    Philip Jensen - visit Website
  • fun and sweet
    chiara - visit Website
  • an - visit Website