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Gulf Sunset 2
  • Gulf Sunset 2
  • Published Around 7 years ago. Go to the latest photo
We were down in Panama City Beach last week for a couple of days shooting a wedding on the beach, and right after the ceremony, there was this magnificent sunset unfolding behind us. Luckily the bride & groom had just sat down to eat their meal, so I had a couple of minutes to shoot some photos, out of which I think this is my favorite.

Since sunsets are such a common subject for photos (and I, myself, have quite a few of them posted here), it is getting increasingly hard to create a unique and sensational photo of a beautiful sunset. So I spent quite a few hours today trying to come up with the best post processing method that would do justice to what I witnessed in person.

You can see the original file, just as it came out of the camera here, and the first version I wanted to post here. I like both versions, but I decided to go with a black & white version simply because it is more unusual than the first two. In terms of post processing, I didn't play as much with the photo itself as I did with adjusting local contrast with masked curves. I also spent quite a bit of time making sure I get the best possible RAW conversion in Adobe Camera RAW, especially when I decided to go with a B&W version. That being said, I am curious which version you prefer better. Shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

I have several other photos that I took down in Florida (much more unusual than this one), which I am planning on posting very soon, so be sure to come back or sign up for email updates.

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