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Ocean Mountain
  • Ocean Mountain
  • Published Around 7 years ago. Go to the latest photo
Today's post is one of those (rare) times when I am pleased enough with a photo, that I want to post it both in black & white and in color :). It is the second photo from my recent trip to Florida, and another one that almost destroyed my camera.

Go to the next photo to see the color version, which is very close to the original. I don't have time right now to write any more details, but I will later on today. In the meantime, if you think you can figure it out why this shot was such a big deal to take, and what makes it relatively unique, I will send you a signed 8x12 copy of it (obviously I am looking for more than the fact that I was in the water :] )

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Update: I ended up posting the color version as a separate post. Click on 'Next' to see it. Thanks!

  • BW version is more aggressive and epic, i like colour version, but this also good
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